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What is ESL? ESL (sometimes called ESOL) is an abbreviation for English as a Second Language. It’s a program offered by public schools to help students who speak another language at home learn English.

Who are the ESL students in South Portland? South Portland has ESL students from more than 24 countries, who speak more than 15 different languages.

Who qualifies for ESL support? Any student who speaks a language other than English at home can be enrolled in the ESL program. When a student registers at school, parents are asked to fill out a survey about the language spoken at home. Students who speak another language at home are then screened by the ESL teacher.

How does the ESL teacher screen students? The ESL teacher gives the student a language proficiency test, and she also also reviews his or her school records. This information helps her to make an appropriate placement.

How do I know if my child is making progress in English? You will know from classroom grades, standardized testing, and parent-teacher conferences.

Where are the ESL programs located? ESL is offered at Brown Elementary School , Mahoney Middle School, and South Portland High School. Transportation is available.

How will I communicate with teachers and school officials if I don’t speak English? The school will provide interpreters to facilitate parent-teacher communication.